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Over the past few years Iambic Innovation Ltd. has worked successfully with JIPN on a number of projects related to Technology Transfer and the management and commercialization of Intellectual Proprerty. JIPN's thorough understanding of the IP management landscape in Japan and Asia, and their professional and comprehensive approach and support has been very impressive and greatly valued.

I have known and worked with Yoshino-san ( the principal of JIPN ) on many occasions over the last 15years. He has vast experience of all aspects related to IP management and commercialization in and between Europe and Japan, and his leadership of JIPN is a key contributor to the company's success.

Dr. Eugene Sweeney
Iambic Innovation Ltd.
Oxford, U.K.

In the nearly three years our firm has had the opportunity to work with JIPN and Hitoshi Yoshino, we have found Yoshino-san to be very knowledgeable in matters of patented intellectual property. Yoshino-san's experience in offering advice to high-tech companies and his skills in facilitating sensitive negotiations have been of high importnce to us. We will continue to rely on Yoshino-san to help us provide consultation services for out-licensing programs in Asia and especially Japan.

Charles R. Neuenschwander
International Patent Licensing Company
Texas, U.S.A.

IP Pragmatics has successfully worked with JIPN on numerous occasions over the past few years. We have been impressed by the breadth and depth of JIPN's knowledge of the Japanese biosciences sector and they have helped us make contacts with many potencial licensees and technology sources that we would otherwise have found impossible to reach without their assistance.

Dr. Rupert Osborn
IP Pragmatics Limited
Cambridge, U.K.

The experience we have made with the team of Japan IP Network is simply outstanding. Competent meets customer focus with an extremely well organized working capabilities. In combination with their excellent understanding of the “West / East” culture differences finding therefore bridges to overcome them and in parallel the high skills in the high tech intellectual property area, the Japan IP Network team around Hitoshi Yoshino, is a perfect match with our requirements. I can recommend their services without any hesitations !

Stefan Barny
Head Marketing & Sales
Rolic Technologies Ltd.

We have known Mr. Yoshino ( the principle at JIPN ) since 1992 since which he has been involved in various aspects of commercializing Intellectual Property.

Mr. Yoshino has worked with two well known European based technology transfer corporations, being their representative in Japan over a period of ten years in the role of facilitating and enabling the development of commercial relationships that were the precursor to technology transfer deals. Such deals did not only relate to licensing transactions, but also licensee investigations and tax related transactions. Continued assistance was provided during the commercialization process.

We believe that there are few in Japan who have as wide a network of individuals in the IP arena and in the widest form of IP as Mr. Yoshino. His firm works efficiently, promptly and with dedication to the course of action agreed. I have found that their communications are timely and to the point.

Mr. Yoshino has a good understanding of the needs of companies in the West and is able to communicate effectively on the key issues on how this impact on their counterparts in Japan and vice versa. In a territory where sensitivities and misunderstandings can adversely impact relationships and deals very quickly, Mr. Yoshino can provide the bridge in the relationship.

We are a firm of Chartered Accountants and Chartered tax advisors operating globally in the field of license royalty management. We have worked with and continue to work with JIPN and look forward to doing so successfully in the future.

Raja Sengupta
Equal IP
London, U.K.