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Japan IP Network Co., Ltd.

Provides a Gateway to the Japanese market for overseas companies requiring expertise in the areas of intellectual property and technology transfer.

Japan, with the second largest economy, is a market that relies on the application of new technologies and implementing changes to increase value. For companies engaged in securing value from their intellectual property assets through various channels, Japan represents a key stakeholder in crystallizing value from such assets. Many overseas companies are seeking to develop business opportunities in the market there.

However, engaging in business in Japan has hurdles and significant numbers of approaches have not been successfully because of difficulties based on language barriers, cultural differences, differences in business practice and the method and approach to communications due to geographic locations.

Japan IP Network Co., Ltd. is a gateway to the Japanese market for overseas companies that seek to realize value from their intellectual property. It helps by developing business opportunities through the application of their expertise and experience in the Intellectual property field and an effective personal network.